Daft Punk Classic Trap Remix

This time it's a remix of one of my favorite EMD tunes ever, Daft Punk's Aerodynamic! 1. If you don't know Aerodynamic, kill yourself! 2. If you don't like it, kill yourself again! 😀 3. If you haven't killed yourself yet because of 1.,google the Daft Punk - Aerodynamic, or just buy it here! enjoy! 🙂 …


It's the end of 2014... and here comes the "NYE" edition of my "Worldwide EDM-Trap" mixtapes. This time it's a full length 70 minutes mix of EDMTrap and various remixes and edits. Enjoy! go like me on Facebook.com/farecmusic


This is my latest of my "twerk" series mixtapes... enjoy! P.s. The first 7 minutes ain't "twerk" at all, I am aware of that. 😉 You'll find the past ones here: MIXTAPES

NEW Tash & Frank Edit

Here is another one for the ladies... Usher's "Good Kisser" in a slightly faster version from Tash & Frank. It's more like an rework than an actual remix, that's why its called "Retwerk" (Rework+Twerk) 😉 anyway... enjoy.