A Decent Mixtape

Ok this one is for all my friends who always ask me about a non "twerky-trappy" mixtape. Something decent regular people would listen to... I don't know... maybe it's just a little different than what I usually do.


It's the end of 2014... and here comes the "NYE" edition of my "Worldwide EDM-Trap" mixtapes. This time it's a full length 70 minutes mix of EDMTrap and various remixes and edits. Enjoy! go like me on Facebook.com/farecmusic


Here it is... the summer edition of my "twerk" series, called "STILL TWERKIN MIXTAPE" I didn't start with the typical 100 BPM "twerk" sound, but why do the same shit over and over, right? I think the proper term for the genre is "mid-tempo-EDM" now. Some of you will say it is more Moombahton, and/or Dancehall …


I am very proud to present to you... The NEW "TWRKN' MIXTAPE" mixed and compiled by your favorite Frank aka farec! Click to download! or LISTEN via Mixcloud Enjoy! And pls hit me up @frankakafarec on the TWEETS 😀