Check out… We Are GTA!

GTA (not the Game) is so damn awesome. GTA is a duo (Van Toth & JWLS) coming out of Miami, FL and they have just the sound I like. You should check out their music. Photo:   These are my 2 GTA-favs right now:           Facebook        Twitter     

Daft Punk Classic Trap Remix

This time it's a remix of one of my favorite EMD tunes ever, Daft Punk's Aerodynamic! 1. If you don't know Aerodynamic, kill yourself! 2. If you don't like it, kill yourself again! 😀 3. If you haven't killed yourself yet because of 1.,google the Daft Punk - Aerodynamic, or just buy it here! enjoy! 🙂 …

NEXUS Mixtape #1

Tom Tash & Frank aka farec proudly present the 1. NEXUS Mixtape, which does in deed link up a lot of different styles in one colorful mix. We hope you guys enjoy NEXUS Mixtap #1 and please tell us what you think about it. FREE DOWNLOAD Salute!!!